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Shi's Teachings:


Over the years I have had the pleasure of teaching different age groups, actors, yogi's, athletes, professional dancers and dance companies as well as people who just love to move. I have been fortunate to have taught classes and workshops worldwide both independently and on behalf of different companies, to teach a number of companies' repertoire and dance techniques both locally and around the world. 

I've created choreographies for different groups of dancers, have been assistant to choreographers and am continuously working on various choreographic works of my own. 


I am a certified GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® and Gaga teacher and that knowledge in incorporated into my class. 


Shi Pratt Class Description:


Connecting to the inherent intelligence of the body we practice our ability to enhance creativity, elaborate and sharpen our responses in improvisation and choreography. The class takes inspiration from Gaga methodology as a starting point and elaborates with the knowledge of Gyrokinesis and my current work in movement research which is motivated by changing themes and dynamics. 

In class we explore the rich vocabulary of our senses, visiting the different textures of our body, our musicality, rhythm and speed, allowing ourselves to play with shape and form, explosiveness, animality and delicacy. Classes include task-oriented exercises, floor work, applied knowledge of anatomy into the moving body, partner/group collaborations, and engaging in choreographic and compositional ideas. 

We expand our exploration of movement creation by connecting to the pleasure of dancing, to the space around and between us, to our ability to articulate playfulness and efficiency, and ultimately bring awareness to the choices we make in movement material and improvisation.

The classes are built upon an ongoing compilation of information and research which allows the method to continuously develop side by side with my creations.


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Kyrre's Teachings:


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